Tactical Medicine (TacMed) Training Courses | 88 Tactical Group
Basic TacMed

Basic Tactical Medicine (TacMed) is a 6-hour course that includes an overview of tactical emergency combat care, environmental hazards and treatment, bleeding control, and wound dressing. Students will receive instruction and demonstration on each course topic and then be expected to perform the task under varying levels of stress …MORE

TacMedIntermediate TacMed

This 10-hour course focuses on the basics of treating trauma in a threat environment, and evacuating and safeguarding casualties. Students must be able to confidently and safely use a handgun. Students experience plenty of hands-on dry fire practice in the classroom, along with role-playing demonstrations and drills. The live-fire portion …MORE

Advanced TacMed

Advanced TacMed is a high-intensity course designed to extend students’ training and conditioning to deal with more complex situations. The advanced student hones their skill set in tactical medicine, recognition of life-threatening medical emergencies, management of serious sprains and fractures and care for deep cuts and lacerations. This dynamic course is physical in nature, participants  are required to move casualties …MORE

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