Low Light Handgun course

Low Light Handgun teaches low-light principles and applications for everyday carry. In this 4-hour class, you will learn to navigate, search, identify, control, and engage threats using low-light techniques, and manipulate your weapon in low-light or no-light environments. The majority of the class will be running through scenarios and live-fire drills on the range, with very little time spent in the classroom. The course is heavy on flashlight techniques.


  • Proper flashlight selection and technology 
  • Where to store the flashlight on your person
  • How to use the flashlight to navigate, search, identify, and control a person
  • How to draw from concealment and utilize the flashlight
  • Engage in threats utilizing a flashlight at different distances
  • Weapon manipulation under low light conditions 
  • Engage threats behind cover while utilizing low light techniques 
  • Ear and eye protection
  • Pistol or revolver in proper working order (unloaded and stored in case prior to arrival)
  • Belt and holster
  • 2 magazines
  • 250 rounds of quality ammunition
  • Flashlight (preferably a high-powered flashlight with a button or a switch to activate). Weapon lights are welcome, but we ask you also have a handheld option.

Students must be at least 18 years old unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. The student or parent/legal guardian signing the waiver must have a valid government-issued I.D. Must have CCW permit and have successfully completed Basic Handgun Defense Level 1 or an equivalent level of training.