Bushcraft Meet 2021

88 Tacticals 2021 Bushcraft meet is an opportunity to get out in the woods of our 160 acre Tekamah Facility and enjoy camping in the fall weather. This year’s activities will include open range time, dutch oven and milk can cooking, tomahawk throwing…MORE

Intro to Survival Skills

Intro to Survival Skills is a fun and informative 8-hour course that covers fires, signaling, shelters, survival kits, and gear. The day starts off with classroom lecture on survival skills and equipment, followed by practical application of those skills in the woods of our 160 acre Tekamah Training Facility. …MORE

Basic Survival Skills

The Basic Survival Skills course is the first in our series of survival classes that involves spending the night in the woods of our 160 acre Tekamah Training Facility. This course is designed to provide a challenging, yet comfortable experience so that students can learn time-tested outdoor skills and a mindset that are valuable for any backcountry adventure. …MORE

Intermediate Survival Skills

On the first evening, students work together to complete projects which include building a group shelter for the first of two nights in the woods.  On day two, the focus in transferred to individual skills and self-reliance. Students are required to build their own individual ‘super-shelter’, prepare a survival kit, learn new fire skills, and prepare their own meals over an open fire …MORE


Advanced Survival Skills

In the Advanced Survival Skills course, participants are guided through emergency medical treatment, sheltercraft, signaling, animal and water procurement, tools, and non-traditional fire starting methods. This weekend-long course at our Tekamah Training Facility deals with true life and death decision making, and requires physical and mental preparation. …MORE

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