High Threat K9 Patrol Tactics Course

88 Tactical has identified a void in advanced K9 training and has developed a course that is intended to bridge the gap between “new” patrol dogs and experienced handlers. 88 Tactical’s High Threat Patrol Tactics course will prepare handlers or teams to better respond to the dynamic, high-threat world of K9 operations by using practical and behaviorally compliant tactics and techniques. This 4-day course is designed for BOTH new handlers fresh out of basic handler classes and experienced K9 teams that have been working for years. This course is not a “SWAT K-9” course, but it will train attendees on patrol strategies including large-scale search scenarios involving multiple cover officers and K9 teams.

This course may differ from others in design. The focus is not solely on the canine and its skills; but rather both the handler and canine will be challenged individually and of course as a team. This will be achieved by allocating time where handlers will increase their knowledge and understanding through tabletop exercises, micro-drills, and Decision Making Exercises (DMEs) on topics such as scene management, pre-deployment strategies, tactical searching / cover techniques, immediate action drills and tactical K9 medicine drills.

This course is physically demanding and high tempo. The goal is to maximize training / learning time and break the cycle of excessive “down time” that often accompanies K9 training days. Handlers will also act as cover officers and decoys. Strong consideration will be given to developing handlers into more tactically competent officers and increasing the skills and confidence of their K9 partner. Each handler will be required to fill out a K9 vetting form to assist the training cadre with learning about you and your K9. Handlers must be approved by their agency to attend.

  • Tactical obedience & agility
  • Tracking with single and multiple officers
  • Shooting with and around K9’s
  • Leash techniques (handler & 2-man)
  • Search techniques – large scale events
  • Searching buildings & problem solving
  • Environmental distractions
  • Confidence building and weakness mitigation
  • Arrest techniques with and without physical apprehensions
  • Drone implementation
  • Force-on-force & immediate action drills
  • Strategies for neutralizing lethal assaults
  • Offensive & defensive advantages
  • Policies & procedures
  • Current case law
  • Patrol K9 Vehicle
  • Uniform and Duty gear
  • Duty Pistol and 250 rounds of ammunition
  • Patrol Rifle/Carbine and 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Clear Eye Protection/Ear Protection 
  • Gloves, Vest, Tactical Vest (if applicable), Helmet (If issued)
  • Blue gun/Simunition Pistol and 100 rounds of ammo
  • Flashlights/weapon mounted light
  • Multiple pairs of boots/work shoes
  • Rain gear/weather-appropriate gear
  • Muzzle and Collars (Charging system for E Collars)
  • Kong or other reward systems
  • 30-foot leash, 6-foot leash (all others)
  • Tracking harness/patrol harness/K9 ballistic vest (if issued)
  • Large cotton balls
  • Bite Sleeve/Bite Suit (Clothing covers)
  • K9 First Aid Kit (ideal)
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Dog Food

Current law enforcement or military credentials are required.

Host a Class

If your agency is interested in hosting a class, please contact Aaron Guzman at 507-884-5193 or aguzman@88tactical.com.

Ask how your agency can receive a FREE slot.

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