Vehicle Tactics & Suppression Course

Vehicle Tactics & Suppression is a “surprised containment” tactic meant to be conducted by specialized units in unmarked vehicles to effect an arrest. These vehicles, including small cars, trucks, vans, and teams, need to be equipped with surprise vehicle-based tactics. To reduce vehicle and foot pursuits and manage/mitigate the risk to public.

The team can de-escalate the event and take the suspect into custody by limiting the suspect’s mobility. The team can quickly transition into vehicle barricade operations by deploying armored vehicles and specialized vehicle-based tools/tactics.

This course is modular and is tailored to the needs of the agency. The host can add a live-fire component and armored vehicle barricade tactics. The standard course is two days with an optional third day of training.

  • Suppression Principles and human behavior
  • Mission planning and safety considerations
  • Review of policies, legal standards, and help with TTPs
  • Limitation of vehicle ballistics
  • Team movement, Earning the Shot/Friendly Fire Avoidance
  • Vehicle setups with equipment and containment positioning
  • Stationary and moving PINS
  • Coordinated occupant removal and custody control
  • Proper equipment: window rake, less lethal munition, shields
  • Approach, Points of Dominations
  • Medical and Contingency Planning
  • Flash Point drills and scenarios
  • Optional: Live-Fire Range, Armor Deployment, Chemical deployment, Vehicle Porting
  • Eye Protection / Ears
  • FORCE on FORCE protection
  • Primary weapon – 50 rounds of NLTA or Airsoft
  • Deployment gear (external carrier or soft), duty belt, holster
  • Helmet: ballistic, bump or CPSC helmet
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Optional Live Fire: 300 rds primary weapon, 100 secondary or combination
  • Classroom with AV hookups, projector, speakers, cables
  • 4 Unmarked vehicles for PINS: SUVs, Trucks, Vans (no bumper damage)
  • 5 Vehicles (SUV, Vans, large sedans) cleaned out, air in tires, functioning doors, fueled, drivable
    (contact vehicles)
  • Driving pad away from public
  • Tow rope or chain, air compressor, battery jumper
  • 20 Less lethal munition 12ga, 40mm, 6 chemical, 2 NFDD
  • Window breaching tools
  • 12 orange Cones
  • Crime scene tape

Optional Range Equipment:

  • 15-20 portable targets
  • 50 Q-targets
  • Spray paint
  • 3 vehicles, one for ballistics/porting

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