Mobile Training Team

A Training Solution for Law Enforcement, Military and Government Agencies


88 Tactical’s Reality Behavior Based Conditioning® is a training approach based on real world situations, the dynamics of human behavior under duress, and flexible tactics that offer increased threat mitigation, safety, and when needed, a decisive overwhelming response. We train and condition first responders to intelligently work through crisis, operate under high levels of stress, and prevail in life-threatening situations.

Mobile Training Team

88 Tactical’s Mobile Training Team (MTT) offers a cost-saving solution for many organizations seeking to stretch their training budgets. Law enforcement and government clients can tailor the training to meet their specific requirements, working with environment or budgetary restrictions.

Available Courses

*End user courses have 2, 3 and 4-day options (1-day live fire session can be added)

High Threat CQB

  • Patrol Basic | 2-4 Days
  • Patrol Basic Instructor | 4 Days
  • S.W.A.T. Basic | 2-4 Days
  • S.W.A.T. Advanced | 2-4 Days

High Threat Vehicle Engagements

  • High Threat Vehicle Engagements (End User) | 2-3 Days
  • High Threat Vehicle Engagements Instructor* | 4-Day

Tactical Medicine (TacMed)

  • Basic TacMed – Medical Module Only | 1 Day
  • Intermediate TacMed | 1 Day
  • TacMed Instructor | 2-Days

Precision Rifle

  • Basic Designated Defensive Marksman | 1 Day
  • Basic Law Enforcement Sniper | 4 Days

Additional Courses

Active Killer Interdiction

  • This is a two-day student or four-day instructor level course that prepares officers to stop a variety of active threats before, during or after an event in a variety of environments that include: buildings, open areas, crowds, and in and around vehicles

High Risk Pedestrian Stops

  • This one-day student or two-day instructor course provides essential threat-recognition training, risk assessment, and contact tactics based on real-world incidents and hard data. Officers will learn to predict and spot threats early, mitigate danger, and professionally control potentially high-threat pedestrian contacts.

Active Killer Counter Ambush

  • This one-day student or three-day instructor course prepares officers to detect ambush early, react to close range and far range ambushes while on foot, in a vehicle, or working in a crowd.  Officers will also learn how to communicate and maneuver as a team using cover, contact, and security (guardian angel) concepts.

High Threat Combatives

  • This two-day student or four-day instructor level course prepares members of tactical teams or other high-risk units to defend themselves in close quarters while armed and working with a team.

Equipment Requirements – The required equipment varies per class. The equipment list will be sent via email after registration.

If your agency is interested in hosting a class, please contact Aaron Guzman at (507) 884-5193 or Ask how your agency could receive a free slot.

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