Intro to Competition Shotgun by Jacob Betsworth  |  May 12

Local 3-gun professional Jacob Betsworth is teaching an Introduction to Shotgun for 3-Gun Competitions Course. This course is designed to give students an opportunity to learn base-level shotgun skills that will allow them to compete at a higher level. From shotgun and gear selection to skills and drills, this course will give any student the necessary foundation…MORE

 Survival Skills by Tom Lutyens  |  May 14-18

This five-day course, taught by certified USAF Survival Instructors with a combined 100 plus years of teaching experience all over the globe, will cover a wide variety of survival and wilderness skills. This course is geared for any skill level from beginner to advanced so that everyone will walk away with new skills.…MORE

Explosive Handlers & Breaching by T.E.E.S.  |  June 25-29

This course has been designed for non-EOD Technicians who have little to no experience in the recognition and safe handling of explosive compounds. Day one will be devoted to the theory and handling of explosives with days two through five focusing on explosive breaching techniques. Upon course completion, the student will possess the necessary skills to safely and confidently employ explosive breaching charges in support of …MORE

Striking Seminar by Mick Doyle  |  June 27 – Aug. 15

Mick Doyle will be teaching a striking seminar for students ages 15 and up. The series consists of 1-hour sessions every Wednesday night at 6pm for 8 consecutive weeks. Students will learn basic boxing combinations, push kicks and low kicks, elbow strikes and knee strikes, movement to avoid punches  …MORE

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