Police Judo Course

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88 Tactical has teamed up with Law Enforcement Training Systems (LETS) to host a 4-day Police Judo course.

No Experience Necessary

Police Judo combines the most suitable high-yield, low-risk judo techniques with police use-of-force control tactics.

This training provides substantial:

  • Physical training
  • Functional fitness
  • Robust self-defense tactics for law enforcement use

Police Judo is designed to assist current officers and applicants with the necessary physical preparation for their law enforcement career.

All law enforcement personnel are under constant scrutiny regarding use-of-force, from the iPhone paparazzi through to departmental, criminal, and civilian oversight bodies. Police Judo course provides a low-key, effective means of taking people into custody.

The Benefits of Police Judo Course

This training program provides great supplemental training for in-service officers as well as new recruits. Long-term training yields enhanced fitness levels, superior arrest-and-control technique development, and confidence building. This can result in reductions in public complaints and injuries.

If you are looking for a moral, ethical, practical, and effective way of taking uncooperative and violent people into custody, then these street-proven techniques developed by police, for police, will be of interest to you. This training program can easily co-exist as a supplement to existing departmental force options training.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Must have current law enforcement credentials
Equipment Requirements
  • Duty belt and handcuffs (no knives, guns, batons, mags or pepper spray on belt during training)

Rate – $650

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