This is the State of Nebraska course required to obtain your concealed handgun permit (CHP). 88 Tactical offers the most comprehensive Concealed Carry Certification course in the state. In addition to the state required material, students take part in reality-based defensive drills, and are taught concepts of mindset and …MORE

Concealed Carry Interactive Scenarios

Test your concealed handgun skills, tactics and decision-making in three or more interactive scenarios against role players. Participants will be provided with an Airsoft training pistol and protective gear. *This is not a Concealed Carry Certification course. …MORE


Concealed Carry Validation

Concealed Carry Validation is a 2-hour evaluation for individuals who want to know if they have the skill and ability needed to realistically defend themselves and others. This is not an instructional course, but a validation or testing course…MORE

Intro to Handgun

This course introduces new shooters to safe use, storage, and operation of a handgun. The Intro to Handgun class consists of lecture, demonstration, dry-fire practice, and a brief live-fire session. Students will learn about different types of pistols and ammunition, weapon maintenance, misfires …MORE

Basic Handgun Defense Level 1

This course will enhance your basic handgun marksmanship skills and will begin to prepare you for real world self-defense with basic movement and deterrence exercises. This basic course is also great for those who already have a good shooting foundation, but want to re-start from the ground up with professional instruction to remove any bad habits …MORE

Basic Handgun Defense Level 2

Basic Handgun Defense Level 2 builds on the fundamentals of defensive shooting presented in Basic Handgun Defense Level 1. In this course, you will learn elevated basic techniques for using a pistol in self-defense focusing on safe, consistent, and increasingly effective responses. The course includes basic drawing techniques, movement and use of cover …MORE

Intermediate Handgun Defense Level 3

Students will develop speed and precision while taking tactical measures to better ensure their safety and make better decisions in complex environments. Intermediate Handgun Defense Level 3 will cover a wide variety of tactical and engagement exercises with a heavy emphasis on dynamic movement, use of cover, and rapid threat assessment  …MORE

Intermediate Handgun Defense Level 4

The course will focus on moving quickly to a position of advantage and shooting, shooting on the move both offensively and defensively, using cover while responding, and introductory one-handed sighted fire.  It will also improve on the performance of previously learned skills at increasing speed and distance.  The course includes one hour of lecture and dry fire practice. …MORE

Intermediate Handgun Defense Level 5

88 Tactical’s Handgun Level 5 is an intermediate 4-hour course that teaches students to utilize their handgun in a dynamic self-defense situation with the use of cover and barricades. This includes movement to cover, using cover as a brace, maneuvering from cover to cover, and conducting malfunction clearances and reloads. …MORE

Advanced Handgun Defense Level 6 Please Call (402) 933-7171 for Details
Firearm Essentials Basic Safety Course

To ensure that everyone has access to the training they need to safely handle a firearm, we’re offering FREE safety certification classes for both handguns and AR-15 rifles. You can choose to attend one, or both. These one hour safety courses are open to the public. …MORE

Handgun Skill Builder

Handgun Skill builder classes make use of dry-fire practice and live-fire practice in short sessions to target skills such as reloading, use of cover, fundamentals, movement, etc. The course is led by an instructor who will teach at the pace and skill level of the individual students. …MORE

Red Dot Sighted PistolIntro to Red Dot Sighted Pistol

The Intro to Red Dot Sighted Pistol course is designed for people who want to learn the basics of shooting with a Red Dot Sight (RDS). Students will learn the correct way to use an RDS pistol through efficient body structure and technique with a variety of dry and live fire techniques and drills to maximize their efficiency with the pistol…MORE

Red Dot Sighted Pistol Practical Performance

The Red Dot Sighted (RDS) Practical Performance Pistol course is designed for people who have learned the basic techniques of RDS Pistol shooting and want to take their shooting to the next level. Students will learn to efficiently use RDS-equipped handguns under practical, real-world conditions. We highly recommend the completion of at least Handgun Level 2 before attendance. …MORE

Intro to Competitive Shooting

This new course introduces students to the fun world of competitive shooting sports. Students will become familiar with the various disciplines of competition shooting, then move to the range to run through a basic, but challenging stage. Intro to Competitive Shooting is a three-hour class that combines dry-fire and live-fire drills designed to …MORE

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