Basic Precision Rifle

This 8-hour introductory course begins with classroom time where students learn about equipment and ammunition selection, the fundamentals of marksmanship, and become familiar with basic ballistics and wind reading. After a short lunch break, participants move to the live-fire portion …MORE

Intermediate Precision Rifle

The 10-hour Intermediate Precision Rifle course builds on the basic skills by adding advanced techniques and methods of engagement at extended ranges. Topics covered during this full day of instruction include the ballistic solvers, positional and barricade shooting, verifying data at extended distances, fast follow-up shots…MORE

student shooting precision rifleAdvanced Precision Rifle

The 10-hour Advanced Precision Rifle course begins on the long-range platform with a reconfirmation of zeros and data on ranges out to 400 yards. Students will learn to adapt and shoot from unconventional positions. Students will shoot from various positions and at various distances with increased time and accuracy standards.…MORE

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