Intro to Carbine is perfect for people who are new to semi-automatic rifles or those who are considering buying an AR-type carbine. This 3-hour course covers the basics of modern semi-automatic weapons, focusing on the characteristics of the AR platform and shooting fundamentals… MORE

Basic Carbine (AR-15) Level 1

During this 8-hour course, participants will review gun safety and discuss equipment considerations, ammunition, and accessory setup for AR-15 rifles.  From there, students receive an in-depth lesson on the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, which includes an instructor demonstration followed by student dry-fire practice. …MORE

Basic Carbine (AR-15) Level 2

Basic Carbine Level 2 builds on the fundamentals of defensive shooting presented in Level 1. After a brief review of key topics, the Basic Carbine Level 2 course adds additional ready/shooting positions while introducing new techniques, including use of cover, shooting on the move, pivots and turns, and precision engagements out to 100 yards. The class finishes with a live-fire performance test. …MORE

Carbine Level 2
Intermediate Carbine (AR-15) Level 3

Students will develop speed and precision while taking tactical measures to ensure their safety and make better decisions in complex environments. The course material will cover a wide variety of tactical and engagement exercises with a heavy emphasis on dynamic movement, use of cover, and rapid threat assessment and engagement. …MORE

Intermediate Carbine Level 4 Please Call (402) 933-7171 for Details
Advanced Carbine Level 5 Please Call (402) 933-7171 for Details

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